About Us

Activity limit

The functional limits of the sangham will be the entire area included in Neyyattinkara taluk in  the Trivandrum district


  1. No. 21 of the Act, 1969, is the act of the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act(has been amended many times) and rules are also meant to be the rules made according to the law.
  2. Government means Government of Kerala
  3. Registrar of officer under the Co-operative Act, 1969, responsible person responsible for applying for his powers.
  4. The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Rural Welfare Co-Operative Society registered under Kerala Co-operative Act is known as Chembarathyvila, Thozhukkal P.O,Neyyattinkara.
  5. The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Rural Welfare Co-Operative Society registered under the Kerala Cooperative Act, form the Chembarathyvila, Thozhukkal P.O,Neyyattinkara NGO
  6. Baila
  7. Member According to the Co-operative Law Act is the member of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Rural Welfare Cooperative Societies Clip No.T,Chembarathyvila, Thozhukkal P.O,Neyyattinkara

Purpose of the sangham

  1.  Develop projects aimed at maximizing the temptation of cooperation among the members and bringing them into the best possible way.
  2. Have fixed deposits from the members and have arranged the necessary conditions for the refund.
  3. Loan from Government and State Cooperative Bank District Cooperative Bank, Local Cooperative Bank and other financial institutions approved by NCC Registrar.
  4. Lending and financing subject to the Co-operative Law, Rules, Sangh, and Baila.
  5. The festival market declared by the government in festivals are taken over by the Sangham.
  6. Operate a Collective Center under the Sangham to procure farmers’ products and get them a better price.
  7. With the permission of the Registrar of Enrollment, get the necessary building materials and build the building.
  8. Ensuring self employment in agriculture for unemployed youth.
  9. Production of biofuel pesticides and marketing coordination.
  10. The team will be affiliated with the District Co-Operative Bank and the Circle Co-Operative Union.
  11. Under the Sangam, a justice stall, co-operative supermarket and ration depot can be started.


The funds of the Sangham can be collected in following manner

  1. Stocks
  2. Registration fees
  3. Deposits